The special way a Myrtle book is developed and produced...

Founded in 2010 The Myrtle Press is an independent publisher that prides itself on publishing books of the highest quality. Specialising in biographies the team at The Myrtle Press are passionate and methodical about nonfiction storytelling. Their meticulous and extensive research of its subjects gives the fullest, definitive most detailed accounts.

The team at Myrtle Press ensure that the end product does true justice to its subject and more importantly is a book that a reader wants to read. With an emphasis on clarity and creative language Myrtle Press books engage the reader, and are truly books that cannot be put down.

Equally as important The Myrtle Press seeks to match the quality of the words with pictures and design, illustrating lives completely whilst making the books attractive to look at and to hold. All these elements are brought together to create something special and worthwhile, books that the customer will feel are of extraordinary value for their money.
The Life of Senna has now sold over 80,000 copies worldwide and Shunt the biography of Hunt sold out its print run in a matter of weeks and was the number one selling motor sport title of 2010.